fredag den 19. april 2013

Thank you and here you go!

Hello Everybody,

Thank you so much for taking part in these three very intense days! On this blog you are welcome to comment, and send me files, and I will upload, if you have something to share with everybody.

Here is a link to download the recordings of the three keynote lectures and the final discussion:

I took some really bad pictures, but anyway just to remember who is who, and the diverse presentations we listened to.

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tirsdag den 22. januar 2013

International PhD-course with Jürgen Hasse, Juhani Pallasmaa and Jean-Paul Thibaud

>>>>>>April 16th – 18th 2013

Aarhus School of Architecture
Noerreport 20
DK-8000 Aarhus C

as a concept for our sensuous experiences of environments (human and nonhuman) has in recent years entered the agenda of many
disciplines from philosophical aesthetics to human geography, from urban studies and architecture to anthropology and archaeology. Much effort has been devoted to conceptualising and theorising atmosphere. 

This PhDcourse concentrates less on such questions than on the
HOW of researching atmospheres. Which methods are available, and how do they relate to specific research questions about atmosphere?

The aim of the course is to enrich PhD-candidates’ familiarity
with the variety of methods and the ability to locate own research within this variety. PhD-candidates are invited to present the methodological problems, dilemmas and challenges they face in their own research to the course teachers and the other participants for comments and advice. There will be 20 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for discussion for each PhD-candidate.

Besides lectures by the course-teachers the course also includes a practical workshop focussed on in situ ‘testing’ of ideas discussed during the course. The workshop will unfold around a built wooden structure in the central yard of the Aarhus School of Architecture. During the course the structure is ‘clothed’ differently and will
‘house’ different soundscapes. The language is English. The course is open for PhDcandidates from all over the world. The number of participants to present their own research is, however, limited
to 15. There will be room for other participants up to 15 persons. Priority is given to PhD-candidates but other researchers can be admitted if places are available. There will be a list of course literature. Participants are selected on the basis of a 1-2 pages abstract (A4) describing the methodological aspects of the research.
During the course the participants are expected to present these aspects in a form that facilitates discussion. The course-teachers prepare for the course by reading the abstracts.  The course is rated to give 3 ECTS-points to presenters and 1,5 ECTS to other participants.


The participation fee is 3.000 DKK /400 € which includes
lunches, dinners and coffee during the course.

Application deadline is February 15th 2013. Please send
e-mail to research coordinator Hanne F. Gjelstrup
[] with name, position,
institutional affiliation and address and the abstract if you
wish to present your research.

Admission to the course will be announced on March 1st.


Jürgen Hasse
Dr., Professor of geography and the didactics of
geography at the Goethe University, Frankfurt. He has
been the key person in the expansion of German
human geography towards phenomenology and the
investigation of atmospheres. Among his research
interests are urban atmospheres as exemplified by
’Atmosphären der Stadt’, jovis Verlag, 2012.

Juhani Pallasmaa
architect, Professor emeritus at the Helsinki Technical
University. His writings emphasise the multisensory
character of embodied experience of architecture and
the interplay of space, place and atmosphere,
understanding atmosphere as the overarching
perceptual, sensory and emotive impression of a
setting or a social situation.

Jean-Paul Thibaud
PhD, senior researcher at CNRS, sociologist, scientific
coordinator of Ambiances international network.
Laboratoire Cresson, École Nationale Superieure
d’Architecture de Grenoble. His research fields include
the theory of urban ambiances, ordinary
perception in urban milieus, the ethnography of public
spaces and in situ qualitative methodologies.

Research Professor Niels Albertsen, Aarhus School of
Architecture, manages the course.

Researching Atmospheres PhD-course